Meet The Trainers

We are a hand selected group of high end training professionals who are dedicated to your learning and skill development. We are ski & snowboard scholars, professors of the snow crystal, scientists who shred and academics of alpine adventure. We are mountain people who want to share our connection to the alps and the outdoor experiences that drive our lifestyle, so you can live the dream with us here in Hakuba.

Luke Smith

Snowboard Trainer

Originally from the UK, after travelling around the world for a while,

Luke finally settled in Hakuba, Japan where he now lives year round working in the beautiful Japanese Alps.

Always an ‘enjoyer’ of the outdoors and the sports that go with it, Luke finally found a sport that had it all…. Snowboarding! He now spends his winters as a CASI Level 3 instructor, trainer and CASI course evaluator for the Alpine Academy. When not at work he gets out into the amazing Hakuba Backcountry as often as possible. With his local knowledge and time spent

 in the Hakuba mountains, ask him nicely and he might just tell you one of his secret shred spots!

It’s the Japanese snow and his passion for snowboarding that keeps his stoke level maxed out all winter. But his expertise in the mountains does not stop there…! In Summer Luke is an ACA Pro Canyon guide so you’ll find him in a wetsuit and harness with a bag of rope on his back guiding people through the local canyons. If not in the canyon then he’ll be out rafting or mountain bike guiding.

With his variety of guiding and teaching experience he’ll be sure to get you improving and having fun in no time!

Zack Ford


Zack was born in the southeast of the United States and was raised in the outdoors from an early age. Spending most his time biking and fishing until he moved to Montana and started exploring the northern Rocky Mountains on his snowboard . Here he found a love for snowboarding and mountaineering. After spending much time in the mountains he was convinced by a dear friend to take an avalanche course. From there it opened a lifetime passion of studying snowpacks all around the world and riding big mountains. Last season was his first season in Hakuba, and he is stoked to return to teach free ride and avalanche training to people.  Come out for a day to C his passion of avalanche education and riding where he will help you find the best snow available. On top of shredding powder he will help you to enjoy the natural environment surrounding the Hakuba area.

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