Meet The Trainers

We are a hand selected group of high end training professionals who are dedicated to your learning and skill development. We are ski & snowboard scholars, professors of the snow crystal, scientists who shred and academics of alpine adventure. We are mountain people who want to share our connection to the alps and the outdoor experiences that drive our lifestyle, so you can live the dream with us here in Hakuba.

dave enright - guide profile

Dave Enright

Evergreen Chief Guide / Avalanche Course Director

Husband, father of 2, outdoorsman & environmental enthusiast.

scott sanderson EAA profileScott Sanderson

Evergreen Director of Snowsports / Race Program Manager

Born and bred in the foothills of the Australian Southern Mountains, Scotty spent his childhood ski racing, which kick-started a ski industry journey firstly as an athlete, then as an elite coach. Fully certified in both the Austrian and Australian systems, Scotty became an instructor trainer at the prestigious Bundessportheim St Christoph, learned to speak German, then moved on to be the Head Coach and Program Director at Ski Club Arlberg (St Anton) and Falls Creek Race Club (Australia). As a National Coach and National Program Director, Scotty has held roles working with athletes at major events including Junior World Championships, World Ski Championships, Men’s & Ladies World Cup circuits and the Winter Olympics.

Today Scotty is the Race & Events Manager at Hotham and remains heavily involved with Ski & Snowboard Australia as a FIS Technical Delegate, Member of the National Alpine Committee and a National Selector. In the Northern Hemisphere, he and his young family have found their way to Japan, where he is Director of Snowsports at Evergreen International Ski School.

With more than 40 professional winters behind him, we think it’s safe to say that Scotty knows what it takes to train a good skier…! And now we are proud to be able to include his expertise in our programs at the Evergreen Alpine Academy.

javier calzada profileJavier Calzada

Evergreen Alpine Academy Operations Manager

Javier was born and raised in Spain. He grew up in Madrid and as soon he learnt to walk, he run away from the city to the mountains. He is living his dream from he was a child when he took for first time a pair of skis and he decided, with the age of 5, to become ski instructor.

He studied Physical Activity and Sports and he completed his Spanish ski instructor diploma (full cert trainer, evaluator and race coach). A couple of years ago he finished his MBA in Sports Management.

During the last 10 years, he has driven his career to management roles, gaining knowledge and experience around the world (Dubai, Korea, Austria, France, Argentina, Spain…)

His passion and his love for the snow sports industry is an inspiration for everyone. Ski is fun !!! Speed is your friend !!!

james hyland guide profile

James Hyland

Evergreen Head Snowboard Trainer / Chief Examiner

James Hyland was born, as all Canadians are, with skis and a toque on. James started skiing at the young age of 4 and grew up skiing, racing competitively and eventually became an instructor and race coach. His snowboard journey began in 1990 when he switched from ski racing in preference for riding sideways like one of the all-time legends, Damien Sanders. Soon after he began competing at a national level in freestyle competitions, representing Ontario.

James started freestyle coaching, training and certifying instructors at 21 years of age at his hometown ski club Snow Valley (Ontario) and internationally throughout Europe and Japan. After moving to the Canadian Rockies James obtained his level 4 CASI and became Head Trainer for programs like Nonstop in Fernie, BC, and now at Evergreen International Ski School in Hakuba. Snowboarding is James’ life, his love of the sport and leadership is second to none and if there is anyone to spread the love to shred, it’s this guy.

bill glude - guide profile

Bill Glude

Evergreen Head Avalanche Forecaster / Avalanche Educator

Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center director Bill Glude has been studying snow seriously for over 30 years. His avalanche study began with practical, academic, and field studies under avalanche pioneer Ed LaChapelle at the University of Washington in the late sixties. He has been teaching avalanche courses since 1978, including full-time teaching for the Alaska Avalanche School and the Alaska Mountain Safety Center through the 1980s.

With Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center, he has taught over 4,000 students throughout Southeast Alaska and beyond since 1995. He has initiated a number of research projects with his students. He keeps a sharp edge on his skills with consulting projects involving avalanche forecasting, training, and hazard evaluation.

Bumsti RatschillerBumsti Ratschiller

Ski Trainer

“Bumsti” grew up as a little mountain dwarf in the Austrian alps and learned to ski before he could walk. In his early years while he ski raced, he spent all his spare time in the mountains learning from his Dad who had 30 years mountain rescue experience. Before long, Bumsti was using an avalanche transceiver before he got his first gameboy, and knew about putting people into the rescue recovery position before he could do the chicken dance in kindergarten.

After attending an Austrian skiing high school and studying architecture in college, he joined the mountain infantry in Austria for about 6 years before he started training ski instructors and guiding as a full time job. In these years after the army this little mountain dwarf completed the Austrian Ski Diploma (The ‘Staatlicher’ – full cert trainer/examinator qualification), then had a role in two international freeride movies, competed in various freeride competitions and shared his love/passion for sking from St.Anton, Austria, to Australia and now Japan.

Skiing with Bumsti is an experience in itself… A high energy alpine adventurer who can’t live without mountains and nature for more than two weeks, who simply thinks life without snow would be a mistake!

adam harrington guide profile

Adam Harrington

Snowboard Trainer

Adam learnt how to snowboard at the age of 10 on the infamous dryslopes of England. After a family trip to Lake Tahoe he got a taste for real snow and has been hooked ever since. From 13 years old skateboarding became a great replicator for the urge to learn new tricks, and since then he has spent all his time on one board or another. Surrounded by a family who all snowboard, every holiday was to another resort until discovering a guide in Val D’isere who introduced Adam to real powder and back country terrain. Where he would return for many years and did his first season. Realizing that his home would forever be in the mountains, Adam began his instructing career with a BASI Level 1,2 season in Bulgaria. This sparked an understanding for the mechanics of snowboarding, which fuels his need for progression.

Landing his dream job instructing in Japan, where a love for traveling and snowboarding can all be satisfied, Adam is now entering his 6th season in Hakuba with Evergreen. Since joining he has made the transfer to CASI, recognizing their snowboard specific approach and done some back to back seasons in Australia. Adam passed his CASI level 3 and began evaluating straight away, as he loves nothing more than getting people excited about snowboarding and introducing new people to the mountains. If you don’t find him covered in powder, you’ll find him at the skatepark instead.

luke smith eaa profileLuke Smith

Snowboard Trainer

Originally from the UK, after travelling around the world for a while, Luke finally settled in Hakuba, Japan where he now lives year round working in the beautiful Japanese Alps.

Always an ‘enjoyer’ of the outdoors and the sports that go with it, Luke finally found a sport that had it all…. Snowboarding! He now spends his winters as a CASI Level 3 instructor, trainer and CASI course evaluator for the Alpine Academy. When not at work he gets out into the amazing Hakuba Backcountry as often as possible. With his local knowledge and time spent in the Hakuba mountains, ask him nicely and he might just tell you one of his secret shred spots!

It’s the Japanese snow and his passion for snowboarding that keeps his stoke level maxed out all winter. But his expertise in the mountains does not stop there…! In Summer Luke is an ACA Pro Canyon guide so you’ll find him in a wetsuit and harness with a bag of rope on his back guiding people through the local canyons. If not in the canyon then he’ll be out rafting or mountain bike guiding.

With his variety of guiding and teaching experience he’ll be sure to get you improving and having fun in no time!

albert pinol oleaAlbert Pinol Olea

Snowboard Trainer

Albert grew up in close proximity to the Catalan Pyrenees and started skiing at 5, but by 10 years old he had fallen in love with snowboarding and made the switch. With a born appreciation for the mountains and winter sports, Albert become a snowboard athlete, competing in freestyle on the World Snowboard Tour and various events on the FIS circuit. Simultaneously he worked and developed his academic background as an Exercise Physiologist and Biomechanisist, Physical Education Teacher, Snowboard Instructor and Coach. He has extensive experience in athlete development and performance training through his involvement with the FCEH Snowboard team (Catalunya, Spain), SPAP team (Catalunya, Spain), Winsport Academy (Alberta, Canada) and Schweizer Schneesportschule Davos (Switzerland).

With a broad and detailed perspective into human performance and snowboarding, Albert is a Sports Scientist with an infectiously positive and quirky personality, who has turned athlete and instructor development into an art form. Always utilising the latest cutting edge coaching techniques, training with Albert is an experience that we want everyone to experience.

stefan gassner profile photoStefan Gassner

Ski Trainer

Stefan was born and raised in Austria and started skiing when he was 4. He grew up competing in alpine and skier cross races and basically spends his entire live in the Alps whether it’s rock climbing, ski touring or canyoning.

After graduating from an Austrian ski racing high school he followed his passion and shared his experience for the last 6 years coaching race teams and ski instructors in Austria, Australia and now Japan. Stefan is usually a man of not too many words but when it comes to skiing you can see his passion in his eyes, always on the hunt for the perfect turn or the best lines in the backcountry.

Stefan completed his Austrian ski diploma (The ‘Staatlicher’- full cert trainer/examinator qualification), D-Trainer (Race coach qualification) and his Skiführer diploma (Austrian guiding certificate) as well. He loves sharing his knowledge about the alpine environment and boosting peoples skiing abilities, so weather you look out for a great day in the powder or shredding down groomed slopes, he knows his stuff.

sean horne - profileSean Horne

Ski Trainer

Originally born in Omachi, Nagano, Sean was raised in England where he learned to ski on a dry ski slope from the age of 5. He got his first taste of real skiing in Scotland where he really learned to appreciate a good hot chocolate. The following year he was hooked after he went skiing in the Tignes (French Alps) and was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the resort and the nice weather, (a change from the gale force winds of Scotland)!

After completing an instructor course in Meribel, France, he made his fateful return back to Nagano where he landed his first ski instructing Job in Hakuba. Sean is an extremely hard working skier who is always looking to improve his technique. You would be more likely to find him on the pistes of Happo than in the powder, to him, nothing is better than a sunny day with good groomers. He is happy to ski with anyone in the mornings before lessons, as long as you know how to hold a video camera straight!

jack liffen profileJack Liffen

Snowboard Trainer

Jack is originally from Chester, England. But now spends his time travelling across the world sharing his love of all things Snowboarding! He first strapped on a board on an Indoor slope in England back when he was 16 and 11 years later here he is in the beautiful country of Japan doing what he knows best. He has previously worked in Canada and spent his summers in New Zealand which means he is lucky enough to be on Snow all year round!

CASI Level 3 certified as well as Freestyle Certified and recently started evaluating which has been his dream to do since he put on a snowboard all those years ago, he also works as a trainer for Evergreen Ski School Too!

That’s all from him – he hopes to see you guys up on the slopes and you can catch some laps together. He’ll leave you with a quote “The best snowboarder on the hill is the one having the most fun!”

simon svoboda instructor profileSimon Svoboda

Ski & Snowboard Off-Piste Instructor

Simon grew up in Czech republic at town worldknown for nordic skiing and biathlon worldcup competition. He was competing on top national level in long distance sports athletics and nordic skiing. In age 19 he found snowboarding comunity more cool and became instructor. His wide sport backround helped him to become strong crossover instructor. He is snowboard headtrainer and examiner in Czech Instructor Association APUL, he is finishing his lvl 4 skiing licence, he teaches telemark and he can share his racing experience from nordic skiing. He also teaches off-piste clinics focused on riding technique.

This guy is also a traveler. He is in his season number 17 and has taught in 7 different countries. Yeah, Simon has dedicated his life to winter sport and he follows the snow all year around. His patience for teaching and helping people reach their goals makes him ideal companion to shred mountains in the amazing Hakuba valley.

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